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"Not the Best Experience" - Marrakech, Morocco Vlog & Review | TRAVEL

  • Hello, and welcome to another travel vlog : ).
    If you haven't seen my Lagos, Nigeria Vlog (December period) watch it here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFRp46BO6hw
    I recently went to Morocco (Marrakech) and here's my take on it plus my rating of the whole experience. Please read below for some notes (i.e. hotel review). P.S. I got to take some cool photos so if you want to have a look, do follow me on Instagram (@FloraStyles).
    Our hotel:
    Savoy Le Grand (Room Tour @0:41)
    This hotel is in a great location but the problem I had with it is there is no control for the air conditioning in the room - it is centralised. This may not be a big deal to some but it was a big problem for me because at night, the room got stuffy and hot but because it was winter for them at that time, the hotel had the centralised heating on. So you can only imagine how frustrating that was. We had to leave our door open every night (and even sleep with no clothes on) just so we can have cool air. So personally, I wouldn't stay in this hotel again because of that, and if you're going with any other hotel I recommend you call and ask about air conditioning (ours said it had air conditioning but we didn't know we cannot control it ourselves). I've never had to do this because every hotel I've stayed in prior to this one, I was able to control the temperature of the room. Aside from this, the room was clean, bathroom was very clean and the breakfast was really nice (though the sausages are VERY VERY oily!).
    Places we ate:
    As you can see, we didn’t eat any Moroccan food. I’m sorry but I am not a fan of Moroccan food. I don’t enjoy Cous Cous and their sauces don’t do anything for me personally. A lot of people I know that have had Moroccan food also agree with me.
    Regarding places we went to, they were mainly restaurants in Menara Mall as they were close to us. The food at the places we ate were really good. The Philly cheese steak in the vlog is one of the best I’ve ever had!
    I wanted to try Comptoir and L’Epicuren as they were highly recommended. Comptoir had great food but I think L’Epicuren had better entertainment (which also went on for longer - Comptoir’s show only lasted less than an hour but they definitely had the better food). <10>fola@taupesalon.com
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