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The Soundgarden - Best Progressive House Mix (Summer Collection 2021) Cafe De Anatolia & R.O.E MIX

  • ➤ Cafe De Anatolia - Best Progressive House Mix (The Soundgarden - Summer Collection 2021)
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    00:00 Stillhead - Amusia
    03:20 Sasson (FR) & SEGG - Crossing Path
    10:30 Facundo Baggio - Osho
    17:55 Leandro Caceres - Strange A Case
    23:40 Nosssia - Amoureux
    30:20 Pedro Capelossi - Mystical Atlas
    36:45 Urmet K ft. Shawni - Sri Sukta
    43:30 Christian Monique - Nexus Protocol
    50:00 Zankee Gulati - Moon Drops
    57:15 Fran Bux - Forrest of Light
    1:03:30 GMJ - Livewaves
    1:11:30 Maezbi - Patri
    1:18:20 Amol Reon - The Dawn
    1:23:20 DOMA - Aura
    1:30:30 Subandrio & Nishan Lee - Borax
    1:38:00 Bautista Toniolo - Grumari
    1:45:20 Anhauser, Lio, Q, Nicolas Leonelli - Montevide
    1:50:40 Amir Telem - Radahstami
    1:57:40 VINU - The Source
    2:05:25 Marcan Liav - Aninat In Space
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    ➤ This year's Summer Collection (curated by label owner Nick Warren) is 20 tracks of Electronic gold. Every track chosen reflects the diversity of the label and showcases some wonderful artists' work.
    ➤ We kick off with Leandro Caceres' "A Strange Case", a melancholy journey of part sadness and part joy. Next is Urmet K with "Sri Sukta", organic Sri Lankan vibes with a beautiful vocal from Shawni. Nosssia with "Amoureux" brings a weighty groove and melody to die for. We drop the tempo next with Marcan Liav and "Aninat In Space", a beautiful vocal track.
    ➤ Stillhead is no stranger to The Soundgarden and with "Amusia" we head straight to the beach for a relaxed and groovy journey. Bautista Toniolo brings us "Grumari", a lovely light progressive track with a refrain not a million miles away from 70s prog rock.Pedro Capelossi is up next with "Mystical Atlas" which as its name suggests, takes you on a journey around the globe. This went down a treat for Nick in Argentina this year.
    ➤ Amol Reon serves up a groovy delight with "The Dawn" Joyous melodies envelope you and send the dancefloor into overdrive. French artist Sasson delivers "Crossing Path" that locks you in and doesn't let you go, a great track by this young artist. Maezbi's "Patri" is all things gorgeous, like a walk in the rainforest. It is one of Nick's favourite tracks of the past year.
    ➤ Christian Monique's "Nexus Protocol", a real statement of intent and was Nick's opening track on many of his Argentina shows earlier this year this is followed by Vinu with "The Source" containing a brilliant hook that works a treat. Facundo Baggio delivers a progressive bomb with "Osho" and Zankee Gulati gives us a peach full of melody.
    ➤ Anhauser, Lio Q, Nicolas Leonelli with "Montevideo" is a South American groove machine and Australian GMJ's track "Lifewaves" showcases the producers great talent. The Soundgardens friend Fran Bux with "Forest Of Light" lit up the Andes on Nicks Argentina tour at the start of the year. Doma and Amir Telem satisfy the dancefloors before we end with the blistering Subandrio & Nishan Lee's beast of a track"Borax" which is a heavyweight groover.
    ➤ I really hope you enjoy this selection of tracks, every one of them is worthy of your attention.
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