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Bicycle touring Egypt | Of Pyramids and Police Escorts

  • Africa, the great unknown continent. Egypt, the first African country on my Cape to Cape cycling adventure.
    After sailing the mediterranean and the Red Sea, we disembark at Hurghada on the Egyptian coast. I have never been to Africa before and didn't know much about it. Cycling through Africa promises to be an adventure of an entirely different level. In the first kilometers through Egypt I'm already turned back by police, after which we try to go around military checkpoints through the desert.
    From Hurghada we cycling north towards Cairo. First, to get our Sudanese visa there. Second, to see the Great Pyramids of Giza. After Cairo we manage to cycle without police escorts for a few days, cycling around the checkpoints and camping in the desert at night. But then a local informs the police about our whereabouts and the next morning they are waiting for us. It is a mixed feeling, cycling in front of or behind a police car every day.
    It feels very strange and uncomfortable when one day the police provides us with lunch, which we are eating in front of nearly 200 people, mostly children, who are kept at a distance by the police and their machine guns.
    After seeing the remains of ancient Egypt in Luxor, for some reason the police decides not to escort me anymore. I follow the Nile south to Aswan, from which it is a long stretch through the Sahara desert to the border with Sudan.
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