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  • Whenever an airline canceled a flight due to the airlines' fault, they are required to provide some form of accommodation for their passengers as listed in their contract of carriage. When an individual purchased an airline ticket, the purchaser and the airline automatically agree to the term of the contract. These contracts vary from one airline to another. Nevertheless, almost all airlines have similar rules.
    In cases where the flight cancellation is due to a mechanical or maintenance issue, crew timeout or issues the airline should have control over, the airline is required to assume responsibility for their passengers. Any other cancellation relating to natural disaster, weather, air traffic control issues, etc. that are beyond the power of the airline, they are not responsible for lodging or any form of compensation. Some more prominent airlines in good faith, provide snacks, blankets, meal vouchers and pillows for their stranded passengers.
    As for what transpired in Morocco, Royal Air Maroc couldn't have provided accommodation for Liberians traveling on a Liberia passport because of the Moroccan immigration law. We do not have a visa waiver to Morocco. A visa is required for Liberians traveling to Morocco on a Liberian passport except for children under 17 years of age of any nationality if they have a Moroccan parent(s) and are registered with the parents' passport, or Liberians with the TWOV waiver (Transit Without Visa).
    The only exception for Liberians and passengers transiting through Casablanca (CMN) airport is that they should have a confirmed onward ticket for a flight to a third country within 24 hours. Moroccan immigrant law also states that Liberians traveling on Liberia passport must stay in the international transit area of the airport and have documents required for the next destination.
    Unlike Liberians, a visa is not required for Americans to transit in Morocco. This is why Americans are allowed to leave the airport to find lodging or be lodged by the airline. The insinuation by Eugene Fahngon that Liberians were discriminated upon is based on flawed reasoning. Eugene's suggestion that the airline confiscates Liberian passports to prevent them from escaping was not only irresponsible but also demonstrated a lack of common sense.
    Airlines are not responsible for making an immigration arrangement for their passenger. It is the passenger's responsibility to make the necessary immigration arrangement before purchasing a ticket. They can also lobby their government to secure diplomatic relations with the transiting country. It is unfortunate to see a government official threaten a business institution on foreign soil based on an uninformed and sham observation. The prudent thing to have done was to contact the Liberian embassy in Morocco to get an understanding of the issue before carrying on his showmanship.
    During the heat of the Ebola crisis, Royal Air Maroc stood by us when other bigger airlines fled. They are the only reliable airline that flies to Liberia consistently regardless of the situation in the country. The issue with how Air Maroc treat their passengers is s customer service issue that can quickly be addressed.

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